A Day in the Life of a Plant Based Athlete

inspiration Sep 30, 2020
By Rose Lopiano
One of my college guy friends told me that in order to build muscle, I need to eat chicken and eggs. As a plant-based eater for the past 12 years, you can empathize with how that statement made me feel. 


Fast forward 4 years to 2020 and I am now in my peak physical performance, proving that meat and dairy products are unnecessary for strength and endurance goals. I picked up running as a quarantine hobby since my NYC triathlon was canceled and I had to transition to limited gym equipment in my garage. I always dreaded running, but with some consistency and the help of magical plant foods, my paces are faster than I could have ever imagined. For context, my high school 5k time was 28:34 and now it’s over 6 minutes faster. Not to mention, I engage in vigorous weight training five times per week. Ensuring that my calorie and protein intake match my activity level is the least of my worries. 


So what do I eat in a day to stay full,...
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How The Plant-Based Diet Took Me to Nationals

inspiration Aug 22, 2020
This is a picture of me in 2015 right before qualifying for the NCAA National meet. Although I am making a tough face here, I didn’t jump very well at the meet where this picture was taken. That didn’t have anything to do with my diet, a lot can go wrong in the pole vault, and you only get 3 chances to clear a bar!

By Katie Adair

               As a collegiate student-athlete, my life was centered around my sport. I was a pole vaulter and had been since I was 12 years old. I was raised on home-grown beef, 2% milk, and garden veggies in a rural town in North Texas. I knew it wasn’t just my diet that made me strong, but my hardcore Texan mentality that allowed me to out-train almost anyone on my team, despite yearly stress fractures in my back. Out of high school, I was recruited to pole vault for the University of Oklahoma, where I broke more than just personal records. Gradually throughout the fall, and as the indoor season...

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Healthy Human Highlight: Christin Bummer

inspiration Aug 01, 2020

by Christin Bummer

I was athletic and lean through my teens and 20’s, but my eating and drinking habits caught up with me by my late 20’s. I was addicted to sugary drinks and coffee beverages that were more sugar than coffee! I wasn’t obese, and yet my blood pressure had climbed to 142/86 and I was handed a script for blood pressure medication. The China Study and Forks Over Knives practically landed in my lap while walking in the woods, and I had my answer! Giving up meat and dairy was so in line with my values, the ethical conviction really helped me to see food very differently than I had in the past. I reversed my hypertension, lost 15 lbs, and brought my cholesterol, triglycerides, and fasting blood glucose into optimal ranges, all in about a month! I walked away from animal products and processed food including sugar, oil, and alcohol, but after some mega life-stress, I got into old habits and I found myself back into my full-term maternity clothes when my...

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I Reversed My Heart Disease

inspiration Jul 20, 2020

By Paul Chatlin

Paul was born in Detroit and has lived in West Bloomfield since 1971. In May of 2013, he was diagnosed with heart disease. His cardiologist gave him two options: bypass surgery or try “plant-based nutrition” (PBN). After meeting with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, he decided to try plant-based nutrition. After just 3 weeks his heart pain disappeared, cholesterol levels dropped from 350 to 88 and lost 75 pounds. He felt great!  Paul promised himself that when he felt better he would put together a support group to help others in our community. He contacted Dr. Joel Kahn, who agreed to assist him on the journey. In February of 2014, he held his first plant-based Nutrition Support Group (PBNSG) meeting and 123 people attended! Today PBNSG has 7,400 members and over 100 volunteers. They have started many outreach programs and have relationships with the owners of 30 local restaurants. PBNSG has completed work on a curriculum change with Medical Students at...

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Sherry Shrallow: I Thought I Was Healthy

inspiration Jul 09, 2020

By Sherry Shrallow

November 16, 2010, was the day that changed my life forever.  I was a vibrant, healthy (or so I thought) 56-year-old woman who ate what I thought was a healthy Mediterranean diet, exercised vigorously at least five times a week, and was of normal weight.  Looking at me, one would never think that my life could have ended that day.

On that fateful day I was sitting on my couch in my psychotherapy office where I treated clients when all of a sudden, out of the blue, I felt nauseous, and started sweating profusely from head to toe.  I then became lightheaded and passed out.  When I came to, I said to myself, “I think I’m having a heart attack!”

I called my husband Dale and told him to call 911.  My office door was locked and I knew even in my weakened state that I had to unlock that door to save my life.  I crawled across the floor and unlatched the lock.  When the paramedics arrived within a few minutes they took...

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Earl Ray Martin: How Plants Saved My Heart

inspiration Jun 27, 2020

How Plants Saved My Heart 

By: Earl Ray Martin 

It started in May 2015 on a 'Real Man' Camping Trip.

My youngest son was waiting for me at the camping site, where he had run a few miles to pass the time till my arrival.

We began to unload and set up camp.  I unloaded the typical 'guy' food ie animal body parts ... for cooking over fire.

My son began unloading a case of Bananas, Fruits, Potatoes, bags of Rice and Beans .... and a RICE COOKER.

After I accused him of becoming a $#*!&@* VEGAN at his last year of college, he informed me that being a hungry and 'broke' college student, he had researched the best nutrition for the best (cheapest) price.

This was where he encountered YouTube videos of a guy named Dr. John McDougall.

Saving money sounded good to me, so he shared his weird food and we had a great camping trip.

At that time I was heavier than ever.  At 60 years of age I was at least 240 pounds, and at 5'8", I was looking at wearing size 40 pants, and XX...

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When a Patient Transforms a Doctor, Wonderful Things Happen

inspiration Jan 09, 2019


By Dr. Laurie Marbas

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

 “Make a habit of two things: to help; or at least to do no harm.”  - Hippocrates

As a 10-year-old I loved the smell of hospitals. Yes, I know, what an odd thing. Why would a child even have the opportunity to notice they like the fragrance from a place that is not typically noted for lovely odors?

I witnessed how a doctor transformed a sickly fever ridden preschooler into an energetic rambunctious child. It was in a hospital where the magical metamorphosis happened. I became enthralled with the people in white coats and how they were capable of such an amazing feats. Whenever I entered a hospital and the antiseptic aromas would waft past my nose I had instant feelings of euphoria, joy and possibility. Those feelings carried me through the pressures of medical school when I was a wife and mom of three small children. Those memories pushed me through sleep deprived years...

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Mindset: Self Talk

education inspiration Nov 12, 2018

By Dr. Laurie Marbas

Self-talk is super important! It’s one of the biggest influencers in the things we do, and learning how to become more aware, and how to actively manage what we tell ourselves, will have a huge impact on our lives. Period. It’s that important.

It’s that important because, ultimately, belief determines behavior. Think about that, for a second. Belief determines behavior. What we believe, determines how we behave, and how we behave determines what we do, accomplish, and achieve in our lives. It’s true, and I’m going to try to explain why.

We, as human beings, have a very strong desire to be right. So much so, that as soon as we say or believe something, we will look for every shred of evidence we can find to prove ourselves right. Think about it, when you look up at the sky, see the dark clouds, and say it’s going to rain, what do you want to happen next? You want it to rain. Or, if you are watching a race, and the leader is way...

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The story of Anthony's Transformation

inspiration Sep 23, 2018

 By Anthony Masiello


In October of 2005 I felt the pain that got me started on this journey.  I came home from work and looked through the stack of mail on the counter.  I found a letter from an insurance company about a life insurance policy that I had recently applied for.  I was a little anxious, because I had issues getting insurance a few years earlier and ended up being put into a higher risk category, that just meant I had to pay more for the coverage.  I actually had to pay about 6 times as much as my wife, for the same coverage. It was a bummer, but I paid it and was covered. 

I opened the letter, and there it was.  Denied.  Nothing mentioned about going into another risk category, or follow-up medical assessment, just denied.  This company would not sell me a 20-year term life insurance policy.  It might as well have said no thank you, as much as we would love to take your money every month, you...

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3 Reasons to be a Plant-Based Athlete

education inspiration Oct 01, 2017


by Dr. Kasey Johnson (guest blogger)

Athletes of any sport all want the same things. They want to perform at their highest potential, they want to recover as fast as possible and avoid injuries, while all at the same time keep their immune system in tip-top shape, because a week down with a head cold or the flu, is a week not training and competing. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to being a plant-based athlete. As a society, we’ve been taught that eating animal products is essential for performance, muscles mass, and overall health. But the research now proves that an athlete can thrive and reach a new level of performance by consuming a more whole-food, plant-based diet.

1) Increased Energy When consuming a whole-food, plant-based diet, you are consuming more readily available nutrients that when digested, use less energy. Diets heavy in animal products require an excessive amount of energy to digest, which decreases the energy that could be...

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