Why You Must Start a New Healthy Habit Today

education inspiration May 29, 2017

I know...you have heard it all before...you need to eat more healthy foods...you need to exercise...stop watching so much TV...stay off the internet...blah blah blah. We humans are an interesting species, we like the path of least resistance. It is hard for us to create new habits, especially ones that require effort. Shoot, we can't even check or uncheck a box when it comes to organ donation. To see what I mean check out this TED talk by Dan Ariely

Basically, he discusses one study of European countries that have higher and lower number of opt-ins for organ donation. Even when they compared countries that were considered culturally similar. What it came down to was not religion, culture, beliefs or kindness but the DMV FORM! Yes, a little form at the DMV office determined whether or not you became an organ donor or not. 

If the box for organ donation said "check here to become an organ donor" there were less opt-INs but if the box said "check here to NOT be an organ...

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How to transform your health...this part has nothing to do with food!

education inspiration Feb 19, 2017


When we think about change we often believe the lie that it is all a matter of will power...that we can force ourselves to change by merely white knuckling our way through. THIS is why we fail to achieve our goals, resolutions and we fail to bring about transformation. 

As a doctor, mom, wife, and friend I have learned a few things about helping people over come resistance and find real power to transform their lives. Let me break it down for you in a simple step by step solution. (This was also inspired by Lewis Howe's podcast with Chris Lee.)

Identify what you are resisting.
What are you struggling to change? What are you avoiding? Is it eating healthy? Is it having a difficult conversation? Is it facing your financial stressors or personal stressors? What is causing you to lose sleep at night? THAT is what you are resisting. If causes you discomfort, stress and worry. What you resist will persist. If you resist changing your dietary habits you will remain overweight....

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How a patient's stomach ache changed my life

inspiration Jan 30, 2017

How a Patient's Stomach Ache Changed My Life

By: Dr. Laurie Marbas

Early in 2012 I was in a little town in western Colorado called Rifle. Now you can imagine the population who lives in rural western Colorado in a town named after a gun. A town where there is a cafe where the waitresses wear guns. A town where kids are taken out of school for a week at a time during hunting season. 

This is where a patient came in one day who complained to me that she would have severe pain whenever she ate meat and dairy. Now, of course, I told her to stop the meat and dairy. (Yet, somehow it escaped my conscious brain this left her a plant based diet.) This was a logical conclusion to the problem but I told her to return in 30 days and she did. However, she did not return alone, instead she brought her 16 year-old daughter with her to the appointment.

Her daughter told me that she has stopped two ADHD medications in the previous 30 days because after changing her diet to support her mom she...

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Skip the New Year’s Resolutions and Instead Focus on Lifetime Commitments

inspiration Jan 01, 2017

Who among us has not made a New Year’s resolution only to watch it drift away over a course of days to weeks, never accomplished? The gyms are full the first few days of the New Year only to be empty the following week. How do the few who make serious changes in their lives do it? Here is a simple method to help you realize your goals and not only conquer those New Year’s resolutions but transform your life.

1. First you must be mentally prepared. Goals and dreams start with desires to achieve something you have not done before. You can sit and daydream but that gets you nowhere fast. Change requires action and that requires getting very specific about your goal and being laser focused on it. Your goals should be realistic and time bound. For example, your goal is weight loss. You must be clear-cut on what you mean by weight loss. Do you want to lose 2 pounds a week or lose 50 pounds in a year? Do you want to lose the muffin top or see your six-pack abs? Do you want to...

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Be Patient and Let Tomorrow Take Care of Itself

inspiration Oct 10, 2016

Every day I work with patients who are struggling to lose weight by incorporating a whole foods plant based diet. After the initial 30 days I usually have them follow up so I can encourage them and give them accountability. I have begun to see a trend among most if not all of my patients…we are impatient and worry constantly about tomorrow.

When you spend many years creating your current health situation you cannot expect eating healthy in one month to reverse all the damage. Yes, we all reap what we sow but you don’t reap the same day that you sow. Would a you expect a seed to grow into a mature plant the same day that you plant it? Of course not…guess what the same goes for improving your health. It takes investment into your health to see the gains in the future which may be months to years. Remember the more you reap the more you will sow. Eat more healthy foods than unhealthy and you push the balance towards good health.

Then there is this constant...

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Diabetes, It is Time to Take Action Against this Deadly Disease

education inspiration Oct 03, 2016

Diabetes is a growing trend in America and many of us have family members or friends with this potentially debilitating and deadly disease. According to the CDC over 25 million American adults have diabetes and 79 million have prediabetes. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in America and costs us over $174 billion annually. The personal and financial burden of diabetes is not going to improve until Americans take responsibility for our own health starting with education.

There are three types of diabetes including type 1 which occurs after damage to the pancreatic beta-islet cells that produce insulin. Type 1 diabetes accounts for up to 10% of all diabetics and usually occurs through an autoimmune process in childhood although some adults can present with type 1 as well. Symptoms include increased thirst and urination, rapid weight loss, blurry vision and fatigue. Type 1 diabetes requires insulin treatment immediately.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common, more than 80% of...

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Don't Become a Statistic

inspiration Sep 30, 2016


Here are a few sobering facts you should know about America’s health trends. According to the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention more than one third of adult Americans are obese (34.9%) and the estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the US was $147 billion in 2008. Obesity related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers are the leading causes of preventable death.

What about heart disease our number one killer of Americans? Here are the facts. 600,000 Americans die each year of heart disease, that is 1 in every 4 deaths! Every year 720,000 Americans have a heart attack and over 500,000 it is their first one. Coronary heart disease costs us $108.9 billion each year.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US and this year, 1,600 people a day are expected to die from some form of cancer or about 585,720 Americans. The cost is over $200 billion annually.

Why should be concerned about these numbers?...

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My Interview with Lee Fulkerson

inspiration Sep 17, 2016

 by Dr. Laurie Marbas

If you have not watched Forks Over Knives then stop what you are doing right now and turn on Netflix. It is an amazing introduction to the whole foods plant based diet and the AMAZING benefits that it can offer you. I was interviewed by Lee Fulkerson, the director of Forks Over Knives earlier this year and it was such a blast. It is a great introduction to my journey of discovery of the WFPB diet. 

I think we forget that it is not normal to be sick. The normal state of the human body is healthy and vibrant. We do not have to suffer from 80% of the chronic disease that plagues humanity. Heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, high cholesterol are foodborne illnesses. When we choose to feed our bodies nutrient dense plant rich foods we find ourselves on the path to health, happiness and peace. Check out the interview here and let me know what you think or if you have any questions about the interview ask them here! 

 Dr. Laurie Marbas, MD

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