Skip the New Year’s Resolutions and Instead Focus on Lifetime Commitments

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Who among us has not made a New Year’s resolution only to watch it drift away over the course of days to weeks, never accomplished? The gyms are full the first few days of the New Year, only to be empty the following week. How do the few who make serious changes in their lives do it? Here is a simple method to help you realize your goals and not only conquer those New Year’s resolutions but transform your life.

1. First, you must be mentally prepared. Goals and dreams start with desires to achieve something you have not done before. You can sit and daydream, but that gets you nowhere fast. Change requires action, and that requires getting very specific about your goal and being laser-focused on it. Your goals should be realistic and time-bound. For example, your goal is weight loss. It would be best if you were clear-cut on what you mean by weight loss. Do you want to lose 2 pounds a week or lose 50 pounds in a year? Do you want to lose the muffin top or see your six-pack abs? Do you want to run 3 miles in a month for an upcoming fun run or run a marathon in 6 months? The fantastic thing about goals is you get to decide what defines your success! Now that you have a goal, move on to the next step.

2. Write down your goal! When you write down your objectives, it makes them real and tangible. When you take the time to think about them and write them down, it solidifies it, like a contract with yourself. Be specific about how you want to reach your goals. Will you change your diet completely overnight or gradually? Will you run for exercise or do cross-fit? There is no right or wrong road, but you must take the first step to begin your transformation! You must be the leader of your own journey; no one else can live your life for yourself.

3. Call in the troops. Humans were not intended to live alone. We are social creatures, and when we share our desires and goals with others, there is an added pressure to succeed. It is a lot easier to turn off the alarm early in the morning when you are only accountable to yourself, but when your friend meets you for a morning run at the track, you will get up.

4. Find the passion that is fueling your goals. When you get stuck in a rut and don’t want to continue on your quest, emotions will get you moving again. Champions are not made when they win a race, they are created with the sweat, tears, and the daily grind before the race ever happened. Focus on the result and imagine the emotions tied to YOUR victory, not anyone else’s but your very own! What will be like to know that you succeeded in changing the course of your life’s journey? Here is a hint, it will be glorious! You will be ready to take on another challenge because your spark has now turned into a roaring fire, and the confidence is addicting, and you will not want to let go of it!

Finally, get out there and conquer your dreams! You can do it!

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