Improve Your Health With Celebrity Personal Trainer John Pierre

Hello, my name is John Pierre but my friends just call me JP. 

I am a personal trainer and wellness coach who has dedicated the last three decades to continuously learn how to best serve my clients through transforming their health through a combination of exercise routines, plant-based nutrition, and self love.  

I have been honored to work with some of the biggest names in Hollywood including television host Ellen DeGeneres, actor Joaquin Phoenix, actress Emily Deschanel, and many more.

In these courses, I share with you the same exercise techniques and strategies I have used with my high profile clients to help transform your health.

When it comes to improving your health it is extremely valuable to have someone who is an expert to increase the speed of your transformation. 

That is why I have created my consultation offers in which I will help you personally. 

If you're ready to fully commit to revolutionizing your health then I would be extremely honored to accelerate your journey of renewing your health through my many years of experience with helping countless others do the same.

John Pierre's Courses and Consultation

Introduction to Balance and Coordination Course 

John Pierre discusses the value and benefits of increasing and implementing movements that may assist with fall prevention; a critically underestimated and often neglected facet in general fitness and sports. 

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Introduction to Fitness Bands Course

John Pierre invites you to explore movements that are both strength-promoting and core engagement through a variety of band exercises.


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Introduction to Modified Jumping Rope Course

If you're just getting started with your jump rope fitness journey or if you just got your jump rope today and you're wondering what jump rope workout routine to start with, this simple and straight forward jump rope workout is for you.

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John Pierre's One Hour Consultation Package

During your consultation, JP will provide you with his in-depth expertise in fitness, plant-based nutrition, goal achievement, and mental health to help guide you in improving all areas of your wellness.

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John Pierre's Three Month Consultation Package

JP will provide you with his in-depth expertise in fitness, plant-based nutrition, goal achievement, and healthy lifestyle change to create a personalized plan to help you in all areas of wellness.

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