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Celebrity Personal Trainer John Pierre's Introduction To Balance & Coordination

What to expect from the program.

John Pierre discusses the value and benefits of increasing and implementing movements that may assist with fall prevention; a critically underestimated and often neglected facet in general fitness and sports. 
As we start to get older or begin to engage in a more sedentary lifestyle, opportunities that challenge various motions tend to decline.
In order to stay ahead of this negative and progressive lifestyle trend, we need to invite more balance-engaging exercises into our daily routine.
This program encourages such motions for both beginners and those more advanced in fitness. 


What do you get by taking this course?


In Introduction to Balance and Coordination you’ll learn:
  • The Side-to-Side: beginner to advanced
  • The Front-and-Back: beginner to advanced
  • The One-Foot Balance Hold: beginner to advanced
  • The One-Leg Bicycle: beginner to advanced
  • The One-Leg Windshield Wiper: beginner to advanced
  • The One-Leg Pendulum: beginner to advanced
  • The One-Leg Number Series Challenge 
  • The Yoga Mat/Towel One Leg Challenge
  • The Classic Box Step: beginner to advanced
  • The Box Step Arm Engagement routine: beginner to advanced
  • The Partner One-Leg Band Challenge: beginner to advanced
  • The Tissue Coordination Drill Series: beginner to advanced
  • The Tissue Juggling Series: beginner to advanced
  • Partner Reflex Coordination Drills
  • The benefits of flat shoes for balance