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Celebrity Personal Trainer John Pierre's Introduction To Fitness Bands

What to expect from the program.

John Pierre invites you to explore movements that are both strength-promoting and core engagement.

You’ll learn motions that will challenge both your upper and lower body, giving you a solid foundation to build on as you grow stronger and fitter. 


What do you get by taking this course?

In Introduction to Fitness Bands you’ll learn: 

  • The Band Warm-Up
  • Arm Circle Warm-Ups
  • Arm Open and Close Warm-Ups
  • The Chest Press
  • The One-Arm Lat Row
  • The Shoulder Press
  • The Open-and-Close
  • The Curl
  • The Triceps Open-Close
  • The Triceps Kick-Back
  • The Forearm Grip Crinkle Challenge
  • The Partner/Door High Elbow Bicep Curl Core Engager
  • The Partner/Door One-Arm Row with alternate balance engagement
  • The Triceps Extension
  • The Partner Run-In-Place, Forward and Back, Side to Side
  • The Monster Band Walk
  • The Partner Chest-Press
  • The Partner Russian Twist
  • The Band Plank Row
  • The Side Plank with variations