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Celebrity Personal Trainer John Pierre's Movement for Life Exercise Series Offer

What is included in The Movement For Life Package:


  •  Introduction to Jumping Rope included in The Movement For Life Series


  • Introduction to Balance and Coordination included in The Movement For Life Series


  • Introduction to Fitness Band included in The Movement For Life Series



What to expect from The Movement For Life Series.

These introductory courses are designed to stimulate your bone density; improve coordination, balance, reflexes, and muscle mass, along with inspiring your creativity and cognitive function.
Engaging in and exploring the motions presented may assist with maintaining and increasing your vital physical and cognitive processes, which tend to decline over time due to aging and other detrimental factors. 
The Movement For Life Series seeks to inspire you to move in new and fun ways that will fuel your movement journey to a higher level.

All that is included in The Movement For Life Exercises Series:

In the Introduction to Balance and Coordination you’ll learn:
  • The Side-to-Side: beginner to advanced
  • The Front-and-Back: beginner to advanced
  • The One-Foot Balance Hold: beginner to advanced
  • The One-Leg Bicycle: beginner to advanced
  • The One-Leg Windshield Wiper: beginner to advanced
  • The One-Leg Pendulum: beginner to advanced
  • The One-Leg Number Series Challenge 
  • The Yoga Mat/Towel One Leg Challenge
  • The Classic Box Step: beginner to advanced
  • The Box Step Arm Engagement routine: beginner to advanced
  • The Partner One-Leg Band Challenge: beginner to advanced
  • The Tissue Coordination Drill Series: beginner to advanced
  • The Tissue Juggling Series: beginner to advanced
  • Partner Reflex Coordination Drills
  • The benefits of flat shoes for balance


In the Introduction to Jumping Rope you’ll learn:

  • Warm-up movements to increase muscle pliability and decrease injury
  • Warm-up “V” footwork motions
  • Warm-up lateral motions
  • Warm-up ankle “pump”
  • The “Bunny Hop”
  • The Open & Close: beginner to advanced
  • The High Knee Series: beginner to advanced
  • The “Skier:” beginner to advanced
  • The Forward & Back 
  • The Side to Side
  • The Heel Touch Forward
  • The Rear Toe Touch
  • The Heel Touch, Toe Touch Combination
  • The Side Toe Touch With Variations
  • The Pendulum
  • The Boxer Shuffle
  • The “Flashdance”


In the Introduction to Fitness Bands you’ll learn: 

  • The Band Warm-Up
  • Arm Circle Warm-Ups
  • Arm Open and Close Warm-Ups
  • The Chest Press
  • The One-Arm Lat Row
  • The Shoulder Press
  • The Open-and-Close
  • The Curl
  • The Triceps Open-Close
  • The Triceps Kick-Back
  • The Forearm Grip Crinkle Challenge
  • The Partner/Door High Elbow Bicep Curl Core Engager
  • The Partner/Door One-Arm Row with alternate balance engagement
  • The Triceps Extension
  • The Partner Run-In-Place, Forward and Back, Side to Side
  • The Monster Band Walk
  • The Partner Chest-Press
  • The Partner Russian Twist
  • The Band Plank Row
  • The Side Plank with variations