57 Tips To Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

Almost every parent struggles to get their kids to eat vegetables and healthy foods. It is nearly impossible for ve...

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You Can't Fix Your Health Until You Fix Your Diet

Do you struggle with: extra pounds suffer from type 2 diabetes high blood pressure arthritis migraines irrita...

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Healthy Food, Healthy Kids!

  Whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) diets  can promote a child’s health and growth at every phase of de...

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Stop Food Cravings Now

Why do certain foods call to us? Why do they overwhelm our thoughts until we devour them and then regret doing so? ...

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30 Days of Healthy Smoothies

Are you struggling to eat healthy? Always on the run and never enough time to eat those foods you know we should be c...

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Restaurant Survival Guide

Learn how to navigate eating out with confidence. Regardless if you are eating in a little town's only cafe to the ...

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Healthy Human Revolution Kids Superhero Cookbook

Imagine your kids eagerly asking what is for dinner and then smiling when you tell them about the delicious healthy f...

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Supermarket Savvy, Eating Healthy on a Budget

The easiest way to greatly improve your health is to eat better foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and be...

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The Ultimate Plant Based Holiday Survival Guide

When you think of the holidays it can conjure up memories fun holiday traditions, you look forward to seeing family a...

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John Pierre's Introduction To Fitness Bands

John Pierre invites you to explore movements that are both strength-promoting and core engagement. You’ll ...

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John Pierre's Modified Jumping Rope

This exercise instructional video features renown fitness expert and trainer, John Pierre, and is designed to improve...

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John Pierre's Introduction To Balance & Coordination

John Pierre discusses the value and benefits of increasing and implementing movements that may assist with fall preve...

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