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Do you feel alone, frustrated and confused, especially when it comes to nutrition and health?

It is no surprise many people attempt to "eat healthy" but then give up when the fad diet fails yet again to deliver, or they feel like they are fighting the world all by themselves! It is easier to give up and follow the masses down the path to chronic disease.

The world of nutrition is fraught with inaccurate and biased information and we are paying the price with chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease that are literally killing us!

We have come to believe our genetics dooms us, that it is normal to take pills as we age, that chronic disease cannot be reversed and that everyone needs a special individualized diet to reach optimal health.

BUT THERE IS AN ANSWER! It is possible to be apart of a thriving community of like minded people, have support from others traveling the same journey, learn healthy eating habits, improve and possibly reverse chronic disease! 

When you are part of the Healthy Human Nation you will have the resources that will empower you with the knowledge, tools and mindset to successfully adopt and sustain healthy eating habits and live a healthy thriving life.

Why should you listen to us?

With so much conflicting information about diet these days it is hard to know who to believe. The Healthy Human Revolution team members not only have lived the struggles and overcame obstacles themselves, but have helped others achieve the same success.

Meet the team:

Laurie Marbas, MD, MBA

"A whole food plant based diet is often more powerful than my prescription pad." 

Dr. Laurie Marbas is a board certified family and lifestyle medicine physician and has been using food as medicine since early 2012. She discovered the value of nutrition when a 16 year old patient stopped 2 ADD medications in 30 days of a whole food plant based diet.

After intensive research and study, she was convinced a whole food plant based diet not only was scientifically sound but made perfect sense. She then adopted the diet herself along with her husband and three teenagers at the time, literally over night. Her husband lost 50 pounds in 3 months and she went on to improve her thyroid function and eradicate allergies she suffered from for over 30 years.

She has since helped countless patients improve, and many cases reverse chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, allergies, eczema, SIBO and much more. 

Anthony Masiello

"The truest path to optimal health and wellbeing is to earn it!"

Anthony Masiello lived most of his life unhealthy and obese until he finally decided to do something about it for himself, and his family. He switched to a whole-food plant-based diet, and in 20 months lost 160 pounds, reversed all of his medical issues, and completely transformed his life. Since regaining his own health, Anthony has developed a passion for helping others to do and sustain the same.

Anthony is a Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach and will be sitting for the National Board Certification for Health & Wellness Coaching using Positive Psychology in June 2019.

Jason Cohen

Jason Cohen is a photographer & filmmaker from Lafayette, Louisiana. At the age of 27 Jason found himself weighing almost 300 lbs and realized that he had to turn his health around. Over the next 7+ years Jason lost over 120 lbs, has become an athlete, and recently ran the Leadville Trail 100 mile race. 

Jason is the director/producer of the upcoming documentaries Heavy as Lead and Big Change the Film. Jason also hosts a weekly podcast, Big Change the Film Podcast, where he has interviewed over 100 guests with a combined total weight loss of over 12,000 lbs.


What do you get when you join the Nation?

Can you imagine an exclusive online community, where you receive ongoing education, motivation, support, accountability, weekly live “Ask the Doc” and “Ask the Coach” sessions, tried and true recipes, and much more? 

You will no longer feel alone or confused! Support and answers to your questions are a mere click away!

The Healthy Human Nation is the answer. It is a safe place to learn how to finally reach your optimal health. We have helped thousands of patients, clients, friends, family and total strangers to get on the right path. It starts with the first step and before you know it you have walked a 1,000 miles!

We answer questions such as:

• What is the whole foods plant based diet?
• Where do you get your protein?
• How are vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds healthy?
• How to stop food cravings in their tracks?
• How to survive eating out and stay on track with healthy choices?
• How to get your family on board?
• What do you need in the kitchen to make healthy meals?
• What to do at social gatherings?

Once you subscribe to Healthy Human Nation you will have access to:

  • Laurie Marbas, MD, is a board certified family and lifestyle medicine physician who has helped countless individuals find their health.
  • Health coach, Anthony Masiello, who himself has sustained 160 pound weight loss for more than a decade after failing to obtain a 20 year term life insurance policy at age 33.
  • Jason Cohen who went from being a 300 pound self-proclaimed coach potato to losing 120 pounds and becoming an ultra marathoner, who completed a 100 mile race through the Rocky Mountains.  


  • They will personally answer your questions through community only live stream videos
  • You will get regular weekly doses of inspiration and motivation
  • An entire community to keep you accountable on your plant-based journey
  • Community exclusive advice on how to convert recipes to healthy and delicious meals
  • You will be kept up to date of the latest advances in plant based nutrition
  • Practical tips to navigating social gatherings, shopping, eating out and daily life

We are committed to providing what you need to succeed!

Don't take our word for it!

Rewa Reversed Her High Blood Pressure In 27 Days!

Rewa Chisholm is one of Dr. Marbas's personal patients and her story is one of how food is thy medicine.

Rewa had been prescribed up to 3 blood pressure medications for 20 years. She reversed her high blood pressure in 27 days under the guidance of Dr. Marbas with a whole food plant based diet!

She decided a healthy life is a choice, and she went from hating vegetables to inspiring us with her recipes.

Join the Nation for FREE!

IF you are looking to become part of a community of people who are dedicated to lasting changes to your health then the Healthy Human Nation is for you.

 Let’s start your journey right now!

  • If you suffer from chronic disease like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity or others it is time for a healthy eating habit intervention to reclaim your life. 
  • Your healthcare costs do not need to continue to spiral out of control.
  • Life is short and your health is your most important asset. Without good health it is difficult to live the life you desire.
  • It starts with learning the vital information that could transform your life which is exactly what you will learn with us!

Start now by enrolling today by clicking  here, and you will be added to our closed Facebook group where all the magic happens!

We can't wait to meet you and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your healthy journey!




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