30 Days of Healthy Smoothies

Are you struggling to eat healthy? Always on the run and never enough time to eat those foods you know we should be consuming like vegetables and fruits? 

We have a simple solution for you to get started. Drink smoothies for the next 30 days and see how it makes you feel. You don't even need to worry about what to put in your smoothies because we have created a simple outline of 30 smoothie recipes for you. If you don't like one go on to the next.

The goal is to keep drinking them and add a little bit green leafies every day as they are the healthiest food on the planet! 

Now are you ready to take a step or should I say sip into a healthier you?

Let's go!

Smoothies for 30 days

Do you love the idea of smoothies but can only come up with a few variations?

Tired of looking at a thousand different websites to find just the right one?

Look no further as there is such diversity in this list of smoothie combos you should never get bored! 

Enjoy and don't forget to share how you like them!