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At 22 years old and a new college graduate, I was obese. I was unhappy and incredibly uncomfortable in my own body. I was on the fast track towards a lifetime of chronic disease. My cholesterol was high, my energy was low, my weight kept climbing, my confidence had plummeted, and I felt stuck.

The way society had taught me about losing weight was not sustainable. The underlying problem was I was continually trying to restrict and count calories without understanding that what I was feeding my body. 

Two years later, I saw several documentaries about our food system. Everything suddenly clicked. I wanted to learn as much as I could about how food affected my body. I began researching nutrition with an insatiable appetite. Within a few months, I came across the whole food plant-based lifestyle. I knew this was the path for me, not because I wanted to lose weight, but because I wanted to flood my body with nutrients. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to live. I was ready to finally become the vibrant person I knew I was always meant to be.

This shift in paradigm away from dieting and towards eating for health was revolutionary. I began incorporating as many fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, spices, nuts, and seeds into my day as possible. Compared to restricting calories, this new way of eating was absolutely liberating! My physical health transformed as I lost over 60 lbs, resolved a lifetime of chronic skin conditions, rid myself of chronic fatigue and pain, and dropped my total cholesterol by 100 points. My mental health dramatically improved as well; my anxiety almost resolved itself, my values evolved, and I began treating myself with love while honoring my body.

From pain to purpose.

The pain I went through before finding this lifestyle made me who I am today. It was my invaluable teacher that lead me to find some of the most powerful tools to live not only disease-free, but also have a life filled with joy, love, compassion, and harmony with our planet. I now spend my days sharing the life-altering information. I enjoy every bite of my food, knowing I am fueling my healthy future. I have found my purpose through elevating nutritious and delicious cuisine, creating positive, radical, and global change that starts on our plate. 

 I have witnessed the reversal of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune disease, and many other chronic diseases in countless individuals.

I am grateful to have worked alongside some of the leaders in this movement including Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Laurie Marbas, Anthony Masiello, Julie Piatt, and Rich Roll. I am also the lead recipe developer for Aidy Acres Rodger's membership site, creating food on movie sets, running a meal delivery company, teaching virtual cooking classes, coaching lifestyle change, and helping launch SriMu, a vegan cheese company.

I am passionate about providing the tools you need to help reach your health goals!


Chef Chloe's Courses


Chef Chloe's Guilt-Free Desserts Course

In this course, Chloe will teach you how to make whole food plant-based desserts that are tantalizing to the taste buds and good for you too!

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Chef Chloe's Plant-Based Recipes For Meat Lovers Course

In this course, Chloe will teach you her favorite plant-based recipes that taste like meat without the meat!

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Chef Chloe's Favorite Batch Cooking Recipes Course

In this course, Chef Chloe will teach you her favorite recipes for batch cooking. Batch cooking is preparing your meals in advance for the week. It will save you time and money. Not mention it makes eating healthy foods on a daily basis much easier!

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