John Pierre's Modified Jumping Rope

This exercise instructional video features renown fitness expert and trainer, John Pierre, and is designed to improve the general health and fitness of all individuals.

Do You Struggle With:

  • Extra pounds
  • Type 2 Diabetes or other chronic diseases
  • Fatigue
  • Confusion about nutrition
  • Not sure how to start an exercise program
  • Motivation


OR other obstacles keeping you from thriving and reaching your health goals? 


It's Not Your Fault and Freedom to Choose your Destiny is Possible!


An extremely important part of combating obstacles is being able to develop the right fitness and nutrition routines with the help of a knowledgable expert.


Today we are thrilled to bring you John Pierre's Introduction To Jumping Rope!


Who is John Pierre?

John Pierre, or JP, is a nutrition and fitness expert who has devoted more than a quarter-century to helping and improving the lives of others through his expertise in the areas of geriatrics, nutrition, fitness, women’s empowerment, green living, and cognitive retainment and improvement.

He is sometimes referred to as a “Trainer to the Stars” because he trains celebrities, rock-stars, and Fortune 500 Executives. 

His clientele includes Ellen Degeneres, Emily Deschanel actress of the hit television show "Bones", and many more.

John Pierre has been inducted into the North American Vegetarian Society’s prestigious Vegetarian Hall of Fame. 

Also, his book The Pillars of Health was chosen by Dr. Barnard, President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, as a favorite reading choice. 

What to expect from the program.

If you're just getting started with your jump rope fitness journey or if you just got your jump rope today and you're wondering what jump rope workout routine to start with, this simple and straight forward jump rope workout is for you.

You'll learn what exercises to focus on and what technique tips to pay attention to.


What do you get by taking this course?

In Introduction to Jumping Rope you’ll learn:

  • Warm-up movements to increase muscle pliability and decrease injury
  • Warm-up “V” footwork motions
  • Warm-up lateral motions
  • Warm-up ankle “pump”
  • The “Bunny Hop”
  • The Open & Close: beginner to advanced
  • The High Knee Series: beginner to advanced
  • The “Skier:” beginner to advanced
  • The Forward & Back 
  • The Side to Side
  • The Heel Touch Forward
  • The Rear Toe Touch
  • The Heel Touch, Toe Touch Combination
  • The Side Toe Touch With Variations
  • The Pendulum
  • The Boxer Shuffle
  • The “Flashdance”

Don't Take Our Word For It!

“John Pierre has a completely unique perspective on fitness and health. It is incredibly refreshing to hear.  He will truly change your life after spending just a bit of time with him.  Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, or become more compassionate in your life, John Pierre has the answers for you.”

-Emily Deschanel, star of hit television show Bones




"The first time I worked out with him I thought this was the most fun I ever had!"

-Ellen Degeneres, TV Host, Comedian, Actress, & Writer


“John Pierre is an encyclopedia of health information and a compassionate guide for anyone who wants to transform their health.”

-Kathy Freston, best-selling author of The Lean, Veganist, and Quantum Wellness


“The work I did with John Pierre was a hugely uplifting force in my life. Not only did it get me in tip-top physical condition, but he also got my body and mind working in sync, in tandem, in a way I had never felt before.  It made feel light on my feet and sharp as a tack. It was such a fun challenge to do the work, and his nutritional advice really got me on a healthy path that I am very grateful for. John Pierre rocks.”

-Flea, musician, Red Hot Chili Peppers

“John Pierre’s passion and drive are as pure as his essence. His life mission is to be of service. And he carries that out with wisdom, generosity, and grace that are unparalleled. Having helped everyone from the destitute and downtrodden to Hollywood’s elite, John Pierre’s methods are proven, effective, and fun. I am a friend and fan for life.”

-Rory Freedman, bestselling author of Skinny Bitch and Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals

“John Pierre was the best trainer I ever had in my life. He gave me intense workouts, watched my nutrition, and gave me tips on what to eat and how to get into the best shape of my life.  He was very motivating, very caring, understanding, and I couldn’t recommend John more to anyone who wants to get into excellent shape.”

-Steve Wilkos, star of The Steve Wilkos Show


“I deeply appreciate John Pierre’s work, for both his compassion and effectiveness. He is an amazing holistic fitness, nutrition, and life coach, and I’ve seen people positively transformed by working with him. I am blessed to know John as a friend and mentor, and I would highly recommend him.”

-Gene Bauer, author and president of Farm Sanctuary



“The power of John Pierre doesn’t lie in his extensive knowledge or ability to transform.  It may shockingly be the least of his talents.  The heart of his man is what centers his purpose. If the love of one being could move a mountain for others, this is the person who will do it.”

-Maggie Q, star of NikitaMission: Impossible lll, and Live Free or Die Hard


"John Pierre is special.  I wouldn't know how else to describe him. He has a unique encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition and its effects on the mind and body. But also and maybe more importantly, he understands the spirits. He understands the value of living a truly ethical life. His actions are not for show. They're for humanity, for the animal and the planet. Naturally, that commitment rubs off on those that are lucky enough to spend time with JP I'm one of those lucky ones.

-Joaquin Phoenix, actor and producer 


What are you waiting for?


  • If you suffer from chronic diseases like type two diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, or others it is time for a healthy habit intervention to reclaim your life. 


  • Your healthcare costs do not need to continue to spiral out of control.


  • Life is short and your health is your most important asset. Without good health, it is difficult to live the life you desire.


  • It starts with learning the vital information that could transform your life which is exactly what you will learn from JP!


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JP can't wait to meet you and thank you for allowing him to be a part of your health journey!



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