How I Regained My Health and Lost Over 100 Pounds

by | Jan 4, 2021 | Success Stories

My name is Jeanne Schumacher. My “day job” for the past 35 years has been teaching chemistry, environmental science, and biology … and I have loved it!

But I also LOVE my other “job,” … which is to help people change their health destiny because that’s exactly what I did.

My journey started unexpectedly…

About ten years ago, I had the scare of my life. I was rushed to the hospital with a 105.8 F-degree fever. My blood pressure was off the charts, hitting a peak of 250/150. I was never so sick in my life. My body was thrown into a major crisis…and I couldn’t fight off whatever infection I had. I cycled between racking chills, where they had to put a mouth guard between my teeth as I couldn’t stop shaking…to thoroughly soaking myself and the bed in sweat for days.

I was genuinely terrified. But that endless week in the hospital turned out to be a major blessing in disguise. It was nothing short of a miracle and transformed my life. It turned out that the doctor who helped me was not only a medical doctor… but a nutritionist as well. Such a rare combination. And she started me on a journey that allowed me to get my health and body back. She taught me the basics. But as a science educator, I was fascinated … and I wanted to learn more. That led me to get a certificate in Nutrition And Healthy Living from Cornell.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to interview many people who have successfully changed their health. And I kept running across some common themes of how they were able to lose a significant amount of weight and transform their health. I posted these interviews as resources, which you can find on www.SimplyPlantBased.net under videos.

So once I changed my health … I wanted to tell other people about it, too. That’s why I created and perfected a 4 step process that maps out exactly what I did. And now I show others how to do it so they can do it as well. Because when something works… you just want to shout it from the rooftops!

So I created an easy way for people to achieve success and built The Weight Loss Advantage program (www.WeightLossAdvantage.net).  In this program, I consider myself your tour guide or teacher because there is a LOT to learn.  

Remember the Wizard of Oz?  What if Dorothy knew that down the road there would be a witch throwing firebombs… or that winged monkeys would pick you up and take you in the opposite direction (an analogy to the Keto or Paleo lifestyles). What if she could take a short cut and avoid these traps?  Well, I guess it wouldn’t make as dramatic a movie…but it would sure save a lot of stress, heartache, and grief in real life.

Along my journey, I connected with Dr. Debra Shapiro, OBGYN.  She has seen a massive increase in women being unable to conceive or have miscarriages.  Over the three decades that I have taught, I have noticed that there is a HUGE increase in learning, behavioral, and health issues in my students. At a time when they should have the best health of their life! I just recently did a TED Talk about just this issue.  I believe that the reason we see an increase in these issues is the SAD (Standard American Diet) and the toxins we are being exposed to in our food and personal/home cleaning products.

So to combat this, Debra and I created The Pregnancy Advantage (www.PregnancyAdvantange.net). Our objective is to help women to get their bodies pregnant ready.  They do not call it labor for nothing!  We help women clean up or heal their body before conception, as when you conceive, the toxic load you currently have, is what the baby will develop in. We also help women who are having trouble conceiving to get to the root cause. To directly help the next generation, we have to educate our future mothers to provide a healthy lifestyle.

Since living a whole food plant-based toxic-free lifestyle, my life and health have never been better! I feel younger, have so much energy, and can move with ease! In the photo…I recently climbed the head of Sleeping Giant…an advanced trail…which I haven’t been able to do for a long time…but NOW I can.

Living plant-based rocks. At age 60, I have my health and life back… and look forward to the next several decades of biking, hiking, and kayaking…because I can.

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