How Plants Saved My Heart

by | Jun 27, 2020 | Success Stories

It started in May 2015 on a ‘Real Man’ Camping Trip.

My youngest son was waiting for me at the camping site, where he had run a few miles to pass the time till my arrival.

We began to unload and set up camp.  I unloaded the typical ‘guy’ food ie animal body parts … for cooking over fire.

My son began unloading a case of Bananas, Fruits, Potatoes, bags of Rice and Beans …. and a RICE COOKER.

After I accused him of becoming a $#*!&@* VEGAN at his last year of college, he informed me that being a hungry and ‘broke’ college student, he had researched the best nutrition for the best (cheapest) price.

This was where he encountered YouTube videos of a guy named Dr. John McDougall.

Saving money sounded good to me, so he shared his weird food and we had a great camping trip.

At that time I was heavier than ever.  At 60 years of age I was at least 240 pounds, and at 5’8″, I was looking at wearing size 40 pants, and XX Shirts …

Fast forward to October 1, 2015 (barely 5 months later) and I had a Heart Attack … but I was sure it was Indigestion.  I refused to go to the Hospital.  I felt if I IGNORED this pain, it would go away.

My wife was furious I did not go to the ER.

By the next afternoon I was in more pain and according to her, turning the color of ash.

By the next morning, via the ER, I failed stent placement since the arteries were ‘over 95% blocked’, and about noon, Monday  Oct. 5, 2015 I received a Triple By Pass.

Friday October 9  (Oct 9 is our wedding Anniversary!)  I went home and went 100% WFPB. 

I remembered that Dr. John McDougall guy, and watched some of his videos on YouTube…as well as PlantPure Nation, and FORKS OVER KNIVES.

I was a believer.

Soon I had read The China Study, and WHOLE by T.Colin Campbell, How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger, and others.

At my 3 month follow up with my Cardiologist, I was laughed at twice because I expressed my desire to Reverse my Heart Disease, and Prevent any further Heart Problems.  At that time I was informed ‘there was no way to know what causes the Heart Attacks’, and he assured me I would ALWAYS HAVE HEART DISEASE, and would always be on Medications for Blood Pressure and Statins for Cholesterol, and Baby Aspirin yada yada yada.

I never went back to see him again.

I believed Food was my Medicine, and my Medicine was my food.

I still ‘live that’ every day.

My maximum weight loss was 82 pounds.  76 pounds was lost without any exercise … only by eating WFPB.  I had also stopped using all Oils in cooking

(I still use 5-20w oil in the F-150 and Mustang Convertible)

However, a couple of years after the By Pass and Conversion to Healthy Eating the WFPBNO, I had a desire to run something besides my mouth.

I started running my feet!  Starting in March 2018, I ran just over 800 miles that year.  In 2019, I ran 1005 miles.  My goal for 2020 is 1200 miles!

I was just fitted with custom inserts and now wear an ankle brace for my FLAT FOOT, and am able to run without pain, so, we will see how far I can go pain free.

I have now discovered that eating the proper foods, and being Healthy, were the results of that day I had the Heart Attack.  That was the turning point that gave me the chance to choose Nutrition and Healthy,  or accept defeat, and waste away in a long and pitiful death.

October 2020 will be my 5th Anniversary of the days that my life CHANGED for the GOOD.

I have announced two BIG EVENTS I plan to attend, that will require Sustained Healthy Living for quite some time.

#1. See Halley’s Comet return in 2061. I understand I may need to travel to the Southern Hemisphere to view that in person … no problem.  Hey!  I’ll watch from Brazil SA.  ( I can speak Brazilian Portuguese! )
#2. In the year 2065, I plan to sponsor a Marathon which I will call #110andbeyond on my Birthday.

After that, I will see what looks good … maybe Hike the Appalachian Trail …

LOL!  I am not one who believes that WFPB is a miracle cure for everything.  After all, I still have GREY HAIR, I am still FLAT FOOTED, and I am still only 5’8″ tall.

But I do know the Wonderful Human Body was given a Wonderful Preferred Fuel, and that fuel is a Whole Food Plant-Based Fuel that keeps that ‘Machine’ running, repairing, and maintaining as it was designed.  That is Science.

If I had refused to have taken responsibility for my Nutrition, and had decided to stay on the DRUG and PROCEDURES PROGRAM, it is obvious my LIFE would be different now.

I am glad I chose WFPB.

Who would have ever guessed Gently Steamed Kale, Collards, and Turnip Greens could taste so good!?  and that there is a sweetness in so many raw vegetables?!?

Who would have ever dreamed that you could run for hours and BREATH without restrictions!!??

And who would have known that Sunrises could be so BEAUTIFUL day after day!!??

Who would have guessed that LIVING LIFE could be so much better than dying slowly.

Who would have ever known at 65 years of age, having 20+ pairs of running shoes was not enough??

WFPB changes you.


Please know this …. Whole Food Plant Based Foods LOVE YOU!  They will always treat you right, and they will never hurt you.

You were made for each other.

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